Violation of Probation (VOP)

A Violation of Probation (VOP) should not be taken lightly.  Probation is essentially an alternative to jail or prison time, and if you are arrested on a VOP, you face the same maximum jail or prison time that you originally faced on the charge before you were placed on probation.  There are two types of VOPs: a new law violation or a technical violation.  A new law violation means you were arrested for another crime while you were on probation, and that is the basis of the violation.  A technical violation is any other violation that does not involve being arrested or charged with a new crime.  It is also common practice to be held in jail without a bond on a VOP.


At Burkhardt Legal, we have extensive experience representing clients with VOPs, and we will fight hard to either have your VOP warrant dismissed or to have you reinstated on probation as quickly as possible.  Alternatively, if necessary, we will prepare your case for a final hearing, at which we would have an opportunity to present evidence and arguments to the court to prove that you did not violate your probation.  If you are facing a VOP, you are facing an immediate risk of losing your liberty or having additional conditions being added to your probation.  Do not take any chances in such a serious situation.  If you were arrested for a VOP, or if you believe you may soon be arrested for a VOP, contact Burkhardt Legal immediately at (561) 445-1555 or (954) 861-0018, and let us put our experience to work for you in defending your case.

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