Post-Conviction Relief

If your case has ended and you are unhappy with the final outcome, or if your plea or sentence resulted in unforeseen consequences, such as being placed into immigration removal proceedings, contact Burkhardt Legal today to discuss the possibility of having your plea or sentence after trial vacated. Situations in which you may be able to pursue a Motion for Post-Conviction relief include, but are not limited to:


  • ​Your lawyer did not properly advise you on all the consequences of your plea deal;
  • You entered into a plea deal after receiving incorrect advice;
  • You were coerced into entering a plea;
  • Your lawyer did not file motions when your case was pending that could have resulted in your case being dismissed;
  • Your lawyer did not investigate evidence that could have helped to prove your innocence;
  • ​There is newly discovered evidence that was not available during your trial that would have resulted in a different outcome in your case.


At Burkhardt Legal, we specialize in post-conviction relief cases and have significant knowledge and experience on how to identify and successfully pursue a claim for post-conviction relief. Do not delay in contacting an attorney to discuss your post-conviction claim – there is a limited amount of time after your case has ended to file a Motion for Post-Conviction Relief! Contact Burkhardt Legal today at (561) 445-1555 or (954) 861-0018 to find out how we can help you after your case has ended.

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