Domestic Violence

A domestic violence charge can be particularly distressing because it involves your family, and a mere arrest can mean restricted access or no access to your home or family while the case is pending. After the case is over, these restrictions could continue to be in place for some time. A domestic violence conviction can also carry serious immigration consequences if you are not a United States Citizen. At Burkhardt Legal, we understand that while people do make mistakes, there is often more than one side to every story.


At Burkhardt Legal, we will assess your case and your legal options from every angle, first working diligently to get your charges dismissed or reduced through a diversionary program or a solid legal defense. If a dismissal or reduction in charges is not possible, we will work aggressively to prepare your case for trial or negotiate a favorable plea resolution, taking into account your desires and wishes for the outcome of your case. We are committed to thoroughly investigating every allegation and fighting hard to achieve the best possible legal outcome in your case. If you were arrested or charged with domestic violence, call Burkhardt Legal today at (561) 445-1555 or (954) 861-0018 to schedule your initial consultation. Let us put our experience to work for you in defending your domestic violence charge.

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